Frequently Asked Questions

Click on your profile picture in the top right corner. Then click on "Company Settings." Now click on the "+" button within User Management. Type in the user's name and e-mail address and Mazree will send them an invitation to join your company profile on Mazree.
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If you need to change your company administrator because they are no longer with the company or for some other reason, please contact us either through the Contact Us page in the header or at We can help you change the Company Administrator to the appropriate individual.
Haystack Magnet submits a sitemap for the web crawlers to pick up. However, this does not guarantee that the search engines will index your profile page. It is very helpful if you link to your public profile page from other sites (your website, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs, etc.). Just contact us and we can provide you with your public profile link and Haystack Magnet icons that you can utilize on your other site.
Yes. You can control the e-mail notifications that you receive within your My Settings page.
You can always deactivate your account by going to "Accounts" in "My Settings." There you will see a button to Deactivate your Account. Your account will still exist but be hidden from the rest of the network. You will be able to re-activate your account when you log in again and answer some basic questions. If you would like your account permanently deleted please send us an e-mail to
Do you need to update your profile picture? Follow these simple steps: 1) Go to your User Settings page by clicking on the profile icon in the top right corner of the page. 2) Click on the Edit Pencil within the Profile Picture box. 3) Upload your profile picture. You can drag your picture around within the thumbnail or click on "Scale to Fit". Do what makes your profile look best!
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If your company was already registered on Haystack Magnet you’ll have to wait for your Company Administrator to grant you access rights to use the site. The Company Administrator will be notified via e-mail that you are requesting access.
Anyone authorized to act on behalf of their company can register on Haystack Magnet. The registration process requires that you certify that you are authorized to create your company profile.
When you type your company name in the registration form on the Sign Up page, Haystack Magnet will search to find if your company has already registered. As you type, you will see a list of companies already registered. If you see your company, select it in the drop down list. If you do not see your company, the registration steps will prompt you to register your company.
No personal identification information (names, e-mails, etc.) will be shared or sold to others. We hate spam too.
The security of your login credentials is very important to us. All passwords must be at least 7 characters with at least 1 number and 1 letter. All logins and passwords are encrypted by Haystack Magnet and are not shared by Haystack Magnet to anyone.
It is only $5 per month to have your company profile published in our online business directory. You can add products and services to your profile and create backlinks to your own site.
Yes, you may cancel your Haystack Magnet subscription at any time. You'll retain your access through your paid-through end date.
Security Roles are control employee permissions and access on Haystack Magnet. Your Company Administrator(s) will have the ability to change your Security Role.
An Employee Access Request is an employee of your company requesting permission to be listed on the company profile and to act on behalf of the company on Haystack Magnet. You can control each user’s rights through Security Roles.